Objectives and Vision

1. The Trust Deed of LIFE4u constitutes the legal entity of LIFE4u which expresses it’s objectives and vision from the Biblical world view, instructions of the Word of God and pattern of outworking.

2. To provide a supportive, caring and positive faith community (a local church), building people, giving faith and hope to live by.

3. LIFE4u will maintain a vigorous loyalty to, and demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit as taught by our Lord Jesus Christ, and his apostles as seen in the book of Acts.

4. LIFE4u will actively embrace the restoration of the apostolic and prophetic ministry giftings of Christ, allowing them New Testament pattern operation according to 1 Corinthians 12:28, Ephesians 4:11.

5. To actively evangelize and plant churches anywhere in New Zealand.   The Great Commission of Christ is our heart-beat.

6. To spread the gospel of Christ by all means of modern communication and to convene special events to strengthen local churches and their elders.

7. To engage as appropriate in a wide variety of community welfare work.

8. To establish as appropriate Christian Education programmes.

9. To provide appropriate facilities to further the above aims, by rental, lease or purchase as God provides.

10. To establish a network of leaders and local churches and Charitable Trusts for the advancement of the cause of Christ in our nation.