Links & Resources

As Pastor Graham’s ministry grows, he has established separate websites and outlets that better facilitate the apostolic gifting and vision that he carries.

These handle his intellectual property, Bible College training and leadership development and strategic church planting globally.   To conform with New Zealand law dealing with charitable trusts, this needs to stand separately from Life 4U, although obviously there are ‘heartbeat links’.

View these websites or contact outlets:

  • For travelling ministry invitations for evangelism, special events, conferences, men’s ministry events contact +64 9 430 8886 or email
  • For Bible College and Leadership Development training and courses.   See      Application forms for New Zealand training at Whangarei campus or on-line study can be found here.   Overseas networks associated with Life4 Nations may tap into this valuable resource.   These courses are well proven as a catalyst for strategic church planting globally.
  • Life 4Nations employs a strategic networking process globally that has been thoroughly tested and proved effective.   Churches have been planted where churches have never existed in history before.   Individuals and local churches are able to ‘link in’ and partner with this vision.   See
  • Associating churches and Ministries of New Zealand.   Founded by Pastor Graham in 1992 after a personal visitation of the Lord to him, this network of autonomous local churches has matured and grown since that time.   Pastor Graham’s apostolic leadership is valued by all participants and he has given faithful stewardship to local church leaders and assemblies of the faith for twenty years (as at 2012).   For further information see